Friday, 25 February 2011

Etsy Treasury ~ Floral Splendour

I've had a little fun today on a day when I'm again under the weather so here is a nice cheery Treasury to remind us Spring is on it's way!

I hope you enjoy it and pop by and visit these lovely sellers :-)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Mobile Phones

Hello! How are you today? I'm ok and looking forward to a trip into town. I have been doing lots of crochet recently and have made a couple of mobile phone cases so I thought this week I would make Mobile Phones my theme. I will be drawing my treats from Art Fire this week.

This pretty felted phone case is by Art-Mode

This lovely little phone charm is by Julie's Jewels

This pretty sewn case is by Sewing Happy Place

This lovely little crocheted case is by Knot Work

This cute Owl can be personalised! Very sweet and in your choice of colour! It's made by Felty Feelin

And finally a real special treat for you or a special friend....

This strawberry charm is made from Swarovski Crystals and is by Patch First Shop

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my picks for this week and are inspired to pop by one of the shops and treat yourself this Tuesday.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Chocolate

I'm not feeling well today :-( We all have colds here and combined with ME I'm feeling rather blue and whenever I feel like this all I want is chocolate! So guess what this weeks theme is...yes you've guessed it Chocolate! (Well I guess I gave that away with the title didn't I?)

So here are my chocolate picks from Folksy ...

Death By Chocolate Earrings by Buttonz and Beadz

Knitted Chocolate Mini Rolls by Thread Bare

Chocolate Creams Bracelet by The Flower Garland

Chocolate Bar Soap by Sophie's Soap

Chocolate Cupcake Placemat by TopCats Corner

Chocolate Satin Corsage Brooch by Not Just Handbags

I love this! The perfect gift for a chocoholic on a diet! I bet they just sniff it to begin with :-) I know I would! These fab Chocolate shaped and scented candles are by Fourteen Candles

I don't normally go for these little sayings but I have to say this is totally the best and deserves it's place in my chocolate post! This gorgeous bag charm is by Crafty JuJu Designs

Having spied this I couldn't just leave it! It made me laugh! So here is the Chocolate Box Fascinator! It's by A Harem of Peacocks (great name!)

And finally for all those Roses lovers out there....

Cadbury Blue Roses Ring by Neon Haze Designs

Well I hope you have enjoyed this week's picks and have seen something you must treat yourself or a friend to! I have to say looking at all these Chocolate lovelies has really lifted my spirits :-) I hope to see you here next week. 

Monday, 14 February 2011

Champagne and Ice Jewellery

Happy Valentines Day to you! I don't celebrate Valentines as I have always been single on this most romantic day of the year. Sooo I have decided to spoil myself. I have bought myself a little present...

from Josephines on Folksy

And so I thought I might make myself some peachy/pinky jewellery to go with them and also to wear to my photoshop course on Friday (do a little advertising). I have named them Champagne and Ice ~ pretty appropriate for this day of romance...

I hope you have a lovely and romantic day but if you are single today then I hope you have bought yourself some chocolates and flowers or perhaps even some champagne

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Pretty Bags

Welcome to Treat Yourself Tuesday! I've on the lookout for a new bag. I have a couple I like the look of and in my hunt found a pretty little one the right colour but a little small but a bargain at £3.50! So anyway that has lead me to choose bags for this weeks theme and the site I'm looking at them on is Dawanda.

Isn't this pretty? it's by Vishal

This is a lovely Vintage Embroidered bag supplied by Radarada

This lovely patchwork bag is handmade by Baybays

Being Rainbow Cottage I had to include this bag with a rainbow spray of flowers so pretty by Craft Factory

I just love this pretty raggy bag by Heatherknitz

This gorgeous felted strawberry bag is by Evalinen

Another felted bag but oh so pretty! by Galafilc

and last but not least something for your little girl be she daughter, sister or neice...

This is handmade Papatya 18

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks picks and will pop by and see what else they have for sale and maybe visit my shop too :-)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Etsy Treasury - Snuggly and Cosy

I have done a new Etsy Treasury! They are such fun!

This one is for all of you who are sheltering indoors in this cold and windy weather and for all ME/CFS sufferers (and other such illnesses) who spend too much time at home snuggled under duvets! I hope you all have such pretty things around you to keep you warm and while you are snuggled down all warm and cosy don't forget your Hot Chocolate!

So please pop by and support these lovely sellers!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Vintage Necklaces

Welcome to this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday! I've been reading a lot about vintage and find that I'm more and more interested in Vintage Jewellery so this week I have searched Folksy for the best of their vintage necklaces!

Isn't this beautiful? It's by Statement

I love the colours in this Vintage Glass Dragonfly necklace by Josephines

Check out this listing! It is a piece of vintage embroidery set into resin! Lovely isn't it? It's by Jings Things

This rose is gorgeous! This pretty necklace is also by Josephines (maybe I should add this shop to my favourites!)

This very 'shabby chic' necklace is by Eclectic Creations and is a limited edition.

and last but by no means least...

This one is my favourite I think. I love the shape and the Elizabethan feel to it. It's by Lodichka. I have a book of Romantic Beadwork and it is a necklace in this style that has inspired me to have a try but as yet have not felt I have the concentration or decent work area to be able to do it! But we crafters always need something new to work towards!

I hope you have liked my choices this week and will pop by to these shops and see what other beauties they have there waiting for you! And maybe you'll stop by my shop too.

And The Winner Is...

Finally I have managed to get past my 25 follower target! Woohoo! It's only taken 5 months! ;-)

So this is the prize one of these pairs of earrings in the colour you prefer!

Here are the numbered names written down...

Then I got Random to pick a winner for me...

and the winner is...

...Karen Scammell! I'm sorry Karen about the crappy writing of your name! Karen has already told me that she prefers the teal and so I am now off to let her know she has won and get her address! Congratulations Karen and commiserations to everyone else. Thank you for entering! Look out for our next giveaway coming soon!