Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Rain

Welcome to Treat Yourself Tuesday! I've just been out in the garden with the pup and it's starting to rain! A bit sad after the lovely sunny day yesterday but then I need to rest so maybe a good thing to stop me racing around all day! So this weeks theme is Rain and I'll be taking this weeks treats from Folksy

This is amazing! I can't imagine the time that goes into making this! Its hand woven newspaper! Do take a moment to visit this listing and read what Zygote Gifts has to say about why she uses newspaper.

These are so pretty and would brighten up any rainy day! Hand made by Kristins Jewellery

I had to include these! Wouldn't they just make you want to go back to being a kid and jumping in puddles? They are by Asking for Trouble

How could I not include this?! This little character is called Mary Jane (so sweet) do pop by and check out this listing too as it tells you how she came to be. This is by lilipopo at glass mountain another name I would love to know the story behind

This lovely handmade Sterling Silver raindrop necklace is by Mojo Steph

This Rainy Day Button Charm Bracelet is by Mrs Gibson

and finally something to lift our spirits and hope for a sunny day tomorrow...

This bright and sunny hand painted plate is by Vibrante House of Colour

Well that's it from me for today. I hope you have enjoyed my choice of Treats. Have a happy Tuesday and see you next week! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Spring Fever

Welcome to this week's Treat Yourself Tuesday! Every time I look out of my bedroom window I can see our apple tree has spots of green all over it. In one week it's gone from tiny buds to tiny leaves! Spring is here! And so this weeks theme is Spring and I'll be taking my treats from Art Fire this week.

This lovely 'Slice of Spring' bracelet is lovely and handmade by Klassy Joolz Check out her listing for information on how to make this bracelet into a necklace!

This 'Spring Bird' Sterling Silver necklace is by Agawa Canyon Designs

I had to include this lovely wool! Aren't the colours beautiful? This is handspun, hand dyed yarn from Kitty Grrlz

 This beautiful 'Spring Fling' quilt is handmade by Quilt tops

This lovely bag 'Ready for Spring' is by Designs by Keri 4 U

This is soo cute! I used to have a white bunny called Angel :-) This is a hand painted slate by The Pip Berry Tree

I love what this artist says about this necklace... "These little daisies gently caressing one another is about birth of the spring
and love. I remember as a young child pulling petal after petal hoping one day I would find my great love (which I happily did). This pendant is an ode to those carefree days spent musing and wishing..." Handmade by Tzaddishop

This gorgeous spring hat is by Kimberley Waugh of The Waughdrobe (Don't you just love the name? You know what I'm like for names)

Well that about wraps it up for this weeks Treats. I hope you have enjoyed them and just maybe been tempted by something here :-)
I'm off to email all these lovely sellers now to let them know how much I love their Spring Fever items!

Thanks for visiting...See you next week!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Polymer Clay

Welcome to this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday! Have you seen my fab new logo? I have been doing a Photoshop course for the past 8 weeks and this is the result of playing with the copy of Photoshop I now have on my laptop! This is the first time I have been able to use it to play and not do exercises with my tutors pictures so I'm so happy with the result! I love the fact it's bright and fun everything that TYT is about! So on with the treats! My friend showed me this gorgeous, oh so pretty, set of Polymer Clay covered crochet hooks ...

Aren't they stunning? They are made by The Fanciful Feline ( Don't you wonder how people come up with their shop names? I do!) This set is expensive but thankfully they are available individually and yes I will be collecting the set! 

So this has inspired the Polymer Clay theme. Here are some more Polymer lovelies...

Aren't these roses pretty? This is for the mould but I can tell you it makes me want to have a go with making them! This is by Whysper Fairy and yet another great name!

Ain't this cute? This lovely sheep has been lovingly created by Heart Shaped Creations

I love this pendant. I do like green :-) this is handmade by Mandarin Moon

Well this would be a luxury! But I love the detail on it! This is made by Franny B Creations

These are exquisite! Such detail and so pretty! Handmade by Laura Bee Studios

 This beautiful Scarf Pin is handmade by Moonlite Hare Do check out her shop! I had a hard time choosing between this and the cutest handmade treasure dish!

All of these items are available on Etsy but my collection would not be complete without a mouse from The Mouse House by Quernus Crafts on Folksy. I have been following her on her website for a while and have waited eagerly to see her Mouse Nativity! My mum has collected mice since I was little and I hoped to be able to buy the nativity for her but even at a piece at a time it was too much to commit to. But here is my favourite mouse...

The Teacher's Pet Mouse :-) so cute! Do pop by and see what other cute miniatures Quernus Crafts do!

I do hope you have liked my treats today and have seen a little must have treat for yourself or someone special (like my mum)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Music

I'm not feeling very well today :-( I'm tired and feeling very cold! I thought I might not be able to do this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday but I have come up to my bed with my doggy and am just listening to uplifting music on my laptop and quietly looking for items for this post. I'm taking them from Zibbet this week and as I'm sitting here listening to some, Music is my theme.

So here are this weeks 'Treats' ...

This gorgeous necklace uses vintage pieces and is by 
Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 - Great name!

La Vie En Rose what a beautiful name and the signature song of French singer Edith Piaf who wrote the words. This beautiful bag is by R U Piper Designs

I love this bracelet by Pale Moon Creations

Aren't these just the cutest houses? I adore them! They would look lovely perched on top of your piano or on your music shelves :-) The largest one is just 2 inches tall! They are handmade by Paper 2 Roses

Ijust love this darling little bookmark! Embroidery Treasures and Crafts say it perfectly in their listing "For the music lover who want to let the pages of their books tickle the ivories with this adorable piano bookmark" Isn't that beautifully put?

I had to include these for a bit of fun and for those of us out there with a sweet tooth! Made by Custom Candy Creations it comes in 39(!) flavours :-) I think I would choose Pina Colada or MarshMallow!

and finally an extra special Treat! At £139 it certainly isn't an everyday treat but would look great in your home music room or anywhere in a music lovers house! Hand Sculpted by Diva Art 69

Well there we go I've managed to create this weeks Treats for you or someone special. I hope you've liked it and will pop by to visit these sellers shops and see what else they have to tempt you! Have a good week and see you here next week I hope :-)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! Break

Sadly due to a migraine headache, computer problems, and a busy schedule Treat Yourself Tuesday has had to have a week off. We will be back next week I promise especially as I now have my own laptop back and no longer have to share with Mum! So I hope you have a great week! See you all next Tuesday!