Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rainbow Cottage is Back

Well its been a lot longer break than I thought it would be and we are not at full capacity yet but we are back in business! 

There are lots of changes afoot. My website has been updated with pics of new products. Jewellery is taking a back seat for now, although I am happy to make something if requested.

 I will be focusing on handmade, personalised collages using a variety of different things such as material, lace, beads, and if the right collage comes up maybe upcycling things like buttons, bottle tops and sweet wrappers!

This Bless collage was made as an order for my friend and cost £20

If you're interested in ordering one I can do them in a variety of sizes and styles to suit you £20 for up to 5 letters and £2.50 per additional letter. Each letter is hand cut and mounted and every collage is completely unique and individual. I will not be reusing any of the designs.

I am also working on remaking/remodeling lampshades. I am working on one at the moment using lace and beads and loving how its looking already! I'm not going to say much more as I don't want to spoil the reveal! But I will tell you its pink! I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping it and hanging it in my bedroom but I already have a couple more lampshades here so if you like it I will be able to make others. Price not yet worked out as its not finished yet.

There are 2 other things I'm planning. I would love to get into furniture rejuvenation. Taking lovely old pieces of furniture that are looking tatty, tired or are just too dark and giving them a complete face-lift using homemade Chalk Paint, Decoupage and also upcycling wherever I can. I have been following lots of blogs and reading up on this. I will be starting with small decorative items and then working up. To enable me to do more myself I want to see if I can learn some woodworking skills and will be putting that to the test on my own house first (a window seat for the conservatory) so watch this space.

To give you an idea of what I have in mind please visit my Pinterest page (if not on Pinterest check it out! its great!) why don't you follow me and see all the things that inspire me! Don't forget I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and my Folksy shop although sparse at the mo will be filling up over the coming weeks.