Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Linen and Roses

Hi Welcome to this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday! I have opened a Misi shop this week and have had fun personalising it and that has prompted me to personalise my jewellery photo's (see them here). So I have chosen my seller for todays treats from Misi.

These lovelies are Handmade by Fiona from Linen and Roses. I just love that cushion and in keeping with me dreaming about my new home 'The Heart Of The Home' embroidery ring hanging would look lovely on my wall!

I do hope you'll pop over to Linen and Roses to see what other lovelies Fiona has on offer.

I hope to see you next week for some more Treats.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Some Personalisation

For some time I have been trying to find a way of making my jewellery pictures looks great. Something that stands out from all the others. This inspired me to go on a Photoshop course so I could learn about creating great graphics and making necessary alterations like lightening and removing blemishes (like a dog hair on the material the jewellery was laid on). My dear friend Maria of Maria Divine is very creative and has a great abiltity to add character to her photo's and everything else connected! She is a great inspiration to me. I love how everything she does is so pretty and professional. She also designed my logo etc. I was also looking at some pictures the other day and there was just a simple bit of text with their name on it and that made me think too about what I wanted my branding of my pictures to look like. I want people to know that these pictures belong to Rainbow Cottage.

So armed with these ideas, my Photoshop skills, and all the Photoshop images passed onto me by Maria I got to work designing a way to personalise my pictures. This is the result....

It would have been hard to work with the rainbow so using my business name in rainbow colours fulfils that side of it. I just love the way it looks and the way it lifts the photo's of the jewellery! I'm really pleased with my hard work and it all looks especially good in my new Misi Shop where I have been able to personalise the background of my shop too :-) What do you think? Doesn't it look great?

Doing this has also sorted out a problem I have. I don't know why but when I'm looking at thumbnails of my images on my computer they don't always show the way the picture actually is. I may have cropped the picture but the cropping doesn't show up. The same with lightening and other adaptations. Sometimes the picture is on it's side and when I open it to turn it I find it's already the right way. I might have a play, turn it one way and then another but when I go back to the thumbnail it's still on it's side. This happens with any of my images not just my business ones. Anyway now I have made these changes to all my jewellery pictures they all look just the way they should cropped, lightened and pretty! :-)

So I hope you like my new look pictures and I hope you'll pop over to my new Misi shop too. As you can see there is only a few items in it at the moment but I'll be adding more soon. I am in the process of deciding which one other shop I will be keeping...Etsy or Folksy. I will be closing my Dawanda, Art Fire and Zibbet shops soon to give me more time and energy to devote to the 2 shops I keep. I love Misi and Esty is easier to use than Folksy but I do like the idea of supporting the UK sites. I will let you when I have decided.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Lottie Jewellery Design

Welcome to this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday! Today I am featuring a Folksy seller called Lottie Jewellery Design. She has lots of lovely and affordable items to treat yourself to! 

These are just a few of her pieces in her full shop so I hope you'll pop by and see what other beauties she has to offer :-)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you next week.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Etsy Treasury ~ My Vintage Home

Hi I hope you'll pop over to etsy to see my latest treasury ~ My Vintage Home

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hi Welcome to 'Treat Yourself Tuesday' I'm sorry we didn't have one last week. Somehow although I had been thinking about it, it managed to completely slip my mind!

TYT is undergoing a slight change. As I will be closing all my shops except Folksy and Etsy I won't be limiting where I draw my Treats from. I will also only be doing one treat a week. I need to conserve my energy for managing the shops properly! If you shop on Dawanda, Zibbet or Art Fire then pop on over to my shops to grab yourself a treat before they shut. I would like to offer 10% off just put in RC10 at checkout and I will refund you through Paypal after the transaction is complete.

So I have been on Ebay today shopping for a little basket I can make into a card organiser for birthdays etc and I came across Annie's Linens She makes lovely textile products and it was her little storage bags/caddies that caught my eye. On further exploration of her shop I decided that i would feature this item....

it's a rug/bathroom mat and soo pretty! you can buy it here

And she is having a big sale at present! 68% off! so get on over to Annie's Linens and treat yourself or someone special to a pretty bargain!

I hope you have like my Treat this week and will pop back next week to see what other treats I have found!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday! ~ Painting

My second blog post of the day! Sorry could have organised that better!

I have just got back from my art group and have just done my first real painting of still life, in acrylics. So this weeks theme is Painting which I am taking from Art Fire the site created for artists.

This is a hand painted card by Art by Joan

This porcelain planter is decorated with the Chinese brush painting technique.by Terrance Franz Lazaroff (otherwise known as Clayart) at £225 this is a real treat!

I love this picture! I love the way the bear is almost smiling! This is an original watercolour by Cherilynne Fine Art

 ok so I admit I have chosen this painting just for the Border Collie since I have a very cute one of my own :-) Also the concept of the painting made me laugh! This painting is by Todd Young Art

still life. This is the kind of thing I was working on today! But this looks so much better than mine but then I am just beginning! This is in oils by Meaghan Louise who lives in Australia! It's always nice to see art from different parts of the world :-)

I love the pastel colours in this one! One of the reasons I want to learn to paint is so I can paint sunsets with this kind of colouring. This is painted with acrylics by Pendragon Art Works. Pendragon too reminds me of my Home County Cornwall. "By Tre, Pol and Pen you shall know your Cornishmen" Which means names starting with those like Pendragon :-)

A painting that is so good it looks like a photo! I can't imagine ever being able to replicate what I see so exactly :-) This is handpainted by Veronica's Art

and finally, no collection of mine is complete without a piece of Jewellery and this piece is handpainted porcelain by Saniki Creations

Well I hope you have enjoyed my selection of treats this week though I understand they are treats for a very special occasion! But then Art is for life (not just for Christmas hehe)

I hope you will pop over and see these artists shops and the other wonderful pieces they have for sale and I hope to see you again next week.

Spring Sale ~ Folksy

Everybody was having January Sales but I wasn't well at the beginning of the year and so I decided to have myself a Spring Sale and here it is! 

Initially starting on Folksy I'm hoping to spread it over my other shops over the next couple of weeks.

Lots of big savings on all products! 

All my postcards are down from £1.50 to 99p

Gentian Scarf was £16 now £12 
(the other scarves have reductions of £3-£4) 

Ice Cream Indulgence Bracelet was £12 now £9
(the other jewellery has reductions of £1.65-£5,25) 

I will be adding more items into my sale over the next couple of days including new postcards and magnets so do po back again

So why don't you pop over to my shop now and grab yourself a bargain? See you there!