Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Crazy Wire and Other Lovely Bits

Today my Crazy Wire Company order arrived! It was very exciting! 10 metres of 15 different colour wire, a skein of recycled Sari threads some coloured tigertail and some ribbon crimps!

 All my goodies including the Sari threads...aren't they just gorgeous colours?

All the lovely wire. I can't wait to get playing with them too!

It didn't take me long as my friend Maria predicted to get in a tangle (with the sari threads though not wire as she predicted...thanks Maria) but having got myself untangled I then had to get started making something fabulous with them! And here are the results... ok result as I have only made one thing. The threads are about 1mm thick so need beads with large holes and the only beads I had were pandora style beads but I do think it looks pretty and unusual and know I will have to go shopping for some more pandora or large hole beads!

Sadly my puppy managed to get hold of some of the threads this morning! I was very careful, honest and was sure I had taken it all upstairs but one bit managed to escape and so I think I should make myself something lovely with it as it is still very useable but I obviously can't sell it! I do always try to make things for myself as I see it as free advertising! So something pretty with Sari threads that I can have fun making and wearing to look forward to!

So what do you think? Do stop by and let me know! And I will put all my new designs on here when they're done!

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