Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Chocolate

I'm not feeling well today :-( We all have colds here and combined with ME I'm feeling rather blue and whenever I feel like this all I want is chocolate! So guess what this weeks theme is...yes you've guessed it Chocolate! (Well I guess I gave that away with the title didn't I?)

So here are my chocolate picks from Folksy ...

Death By Chocolate Earrings by Buttonz and Beadz

Knitted Chocolate Mini Rolls by Thread Bare

Chocolate Creams Bracelet by The Flower Garland

Chocolate Bar Soap by Sophie's Soap

Chocolate Cupcake Placemat by TopCats Corner

Chocolate Satin Corsage Brooch by Not Just Handbags

I love this! The perfect gift for a chocoholic on a diet! I bet they just sniff it to begin with :-) I know I would! These fab Chocolate shaped and scented candles are by Fourteen Candles

I don't normally go for these little sayings but I have to say this is totally the best and deserves it's place in my chocolate post! This gorgeous bag charm is by Crafty JuJu Designs

Having spied this I couldn't just leave it! It made me laugh! So here is the Chocolate Box Fascinator! It's by A Harem of Peacocks (great name!)

And finally for all those Roses lovers out there....

Cadbury Blue Roses Ring by Neon Haze Designs

Well I hope you have enjoyed this week's picks and have seen something you must treat yourself or a friend to! I have to say looking at all these Chocolate lovelies has really lifted my spirits :-) I hope to see you here next week. 


  1. lovely collection ... makes me lick my lips!!
    Maria x

  2. What a fab collection - thanks so much for including my placemat! I'm now going to have some maltesers as you've put in mind for them!
    Tracey x

  3. Thankyou so much for including my 'Keep Calm & Carry Chocolate' Bag Charm xx I love the whole collection xx

  4. Thank you Tracey! I hope you really enjoyed those Maltesers :-)

  5. I'm sorry Crafty Juju I put necklace not bag charm but that has now been rectified :-) Thank you for your comment about my collection I'm glad you liked it xxx

  6. Thanks for featuring my chocolate tea lights. Great blog. Truely scrumptious!

  7. Hi
    Thanks for featuring my Caburys Roses ring!!! Blog looks great :)
    Here is my folksy and blog urls.

    Thanks again!

  8. Hi Camilla,

    You are welcome it's a fab ring :-)

    I will pop over and visit your blog now

    Love Teri xxx


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