Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday ~ Vintage Necklaces

Welcome to this weeks Treat Yourself Tuesday! I've been reading a lot about vintage and find that I'm more and more interested in Vintage Jewellery so this week I have searched Folksy for the best of their vintage necklaces!

Isn't this beautiful? It's by Statement

I love the colours in this Vintage Glass Dragonfly necklace by Josephines

Check out this listing! It is a piece of vintage embroidery set into resin! Lovely isn't it? It's by Jings Things

This rose is gorgeous! This pretty necklace is also by Josephines (maybe I should add this shop to my favourites!)

This very 'shabby chic' necklace is by Eclectic Creations and is a limited edition.

and last but by no means least...

This one is my favourite I think. I love the shape and the Elizabethan feel to it. It's by Lodichka. I have a book of Romantic Beadwork and it is a necklace in this style that has inspired me to have a try but as yet have not felt I have the concentration or decent work area to be able to do it! But we crafters always need something new to work towards!

I hope you have liked my choices this week and will pop by to these shops and see what other beauties they have there waiting for you! And maybe you'll stop by my shop too.


  1. Great choices! Thank you so much for featuring my resin pendant :)

    Helen (JingsThings)

  2. Hi Teri, Thank you very much for having my necklace in your blog and for a wonderful comment about it :-)

    Lyudmila (Lodichka)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace. also love the one by Lodichka it really is stunning.


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