Friday, 3 September 2010

Designer Advertising

Now you might be wondering what I mean by Designer Advertising? Well being a jewellery Designer I need to wear my own jewellery, it's free advertising (all excepting the cost of the beads and the time taken to make it). I have one set of Crochet Wire Jewellery that I have made myself to go with a particular skirt I bought but feel I need to have a bit more in my own jewellery box. So again inspired by a piece of clothing in my wardrobe I have just made this set of jewellery! It is also made with an event in mind. My birthday is just over a week away and am hoping to go out with a friend and think this new top I've bought will definitely be worn!

(Ok so this isn't a great picture and I look rather tired but it looks better than the picture of the top hanging on a hanger!)    

So here are the pictures of the jewellery lying on the top they are made to go with. I have yet to give it a name so if you have any ideas leave me a comment!

The whole set
Close up of the earrings
The bracelet
Close up of the pendant. This is a clever little thing. If you look closely you might see a little clasp by which I can wear the necklace with or without the pendant!

As for the rest of the this space! I am building up a supply shop and want to get on with more earrings and then to get listing!

Until then happy crafting!

Love Teri xx


  1. awww.... they are beautiful ... love the colour they match perfectly ... they have a lovely romantic feel!

    Maria x

  2. aww Thank you Maria! your comment has really encouraged me! xxx


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