Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My Dawanda Bead Wish List

Hi there! As I have a shop on Dawanda I thought I would promote it at the same time as showcasing some of my favourite beads on there. It is all a case of selling some jewellery before I can buy some more beads but dreaming is FREE!

I feel it is important with a name like Rainbow Cottage that I have a rainbow of colours in my jewellery. So here are beads of all colours and styles! 

First - Red.

These are gorgeous. Victorian Carved Lucite from Charmsnfindings
These are a bit big to crochet with so I would team them up with Swarovski crystals in red and clear for some sparkle and maybe with multiple strands dangling from the Lucite bead.


Everyone seems to have gone mad on Pandora style beads right now and I think these ones are lovely! I am looking forward to having a bit of fun trying to crochet with Pandora style beads! Look out for the finished product coming soon! These are from bingbing


 Yellow is a hard colour to work with! It's not the most popular colour so I would want to match it maybe with white beads to tone down the brightness or maybe like this bead have a yellow motif or a hint of yellow on a bead with a different main colour! I love these as they have a Victorian feel! Hmm there seems to be a bint of a Victorian theme going on! It's not intentional but I do love things that are 'Oldy Worldy' style! These are from Charmsnfindings again! Totally by coincidence! We obviously have the same great style!


These are handmade blown glass rondelles! Aren't they beautiful? I love minty green! These would look beautiful as a set of jewellery and combined with Swarovski crystals would look lovely dressed up with an evening dress or dressed down with jeans and a white t-shirt! These are from doubleangelssupply


Handmade by Brilliant Beads these are worth a visit! They are handmade and carefully created to provide a high quality bead! I would love to see these as a bracelet! They would certainly get a lot of attention! They are stunning!


I have recently made myself a set of jewellery and included pink pearls spaced amongst the other beads and it looks really classy (if I do say so myself) and so I would love to crochet a bracelet or other piece of jewellery using various blue beads with these pearly glass beads in the mix! These are from bingbing again (I am searching by colour and choosing and then I see who the seller is now while I'm writing it up so this really is a case of mutual good taste!)


These are beautiful and handcrafted out of leather! They would require a bit of creativity from me as they are not beads with a ready crafted hole. I could ask to have a jumpring added and add them to earrings or as a pendant or I could sew them together myself perhaps with some beaded sections in between! It would be a lot of fun though! These are from HMCreativeSupplies

Well that's the rainbow over and done with but as pink is a very popular colour and in the spirit of having been a Rainbow and Brownie Guider here are some cute pink owls from Jivah

I hope you have enjoyed my little wish list! Let me know which beads and colours are your favourite and what you would like me to do with them! I look forward to your comments!

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  1. ooh I love your rainbow bead wish list ... I hope you can get them soon ... really love those violet & green flowers :D



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