Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rainbow's Attic: Our Supply Shop

Hello all

I am pleased to announce the opening of our supply shop Rainbow's Attic!

Now you may have instantly worked out why it's called rainbow's Attic but just in case...Here's why! I have got lots of beads and A4 card and other bits and pieces that I have bought in quantity when I had my last business. Now when I am needing to get some money into this business so I can carry on making lots of lovely jewellery I am rummaging around my boxes to find things I can sell! Now if I lived in that quaint cottage Maria drew for me I'm sure the attic would be the only place I could store things and so I am figuratively rummaging around in Rainbow Cottage's attic to find all those bits that someone else is desperate for. Ok maybe not desperate but hopefully enticed into buying!

So are you the crafty type? Do you need some pretty beads or some necessary findings or maybe some card stock and toppers to make pretty cards with then come on by and visit us at Rainbow's Attic! We look forward to seeing you there. Oh! and do keep popping back! I'm hoping to be adding things daily until it's all listed! If it goes well I'll even be able to buy some more bits to put into Rainbow's Attic!

Well bye for now and Happy crafting!

Teri and Jan xxx

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