Friday, 28 January 2011

7 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I have been tagged in this fun 'blog-a-round' in which the person reveals 7 things that you might not know and then tags 7 more people. I was tagged by Maria Even though she is one of my best friends there were still things I didn't know about her! Do pop over and see what she shared and the other beautiful and fun things she has on her blog.

So now for mine...

1. When I was 4 years old I lost my sight! Cataracts is hereditary in our family. I had 4 operations during the following year and went to special boarding school for 2 years. I had another operation when I was 9 years old. I wear contact lenses and so I look 'normal' and feel 'normal'! It is amazing that I can do craft things and especially making jewellery as the year I was blind is the time when you learn lots of things including fine motor skills! I count myself blessed to have my sight and be able to make lots of pretty things!

2. Despite the fact I love and wear a lot of pink my favourite colour is Jade green probably because of a beautiful necklace of my Great-Grandmothers that I used to look at in my mum's jewellery box all shades of green and blue and sparkly! Before I learned to drive I always wanted a jade green convertible I saw driving around town.

This picture doesn't do it justice!

3. I look for patterns in lots of things...It is subconscious but I'm getting more aware of it. Now I don't just mean pretty patterns that you look at although that is included but things like patterns in numbers and words, music and other sounds. It's really hard to explain and I can't find an example right now.

4. I am a collector and have 3 main collections, Porcelain Dolls that are sadly in boxes on my wardrobe. I thought since they weren't on display and just taking up room I should part with them but I got them out a couple of months back and I still love them! I also collect fans (the kind that cool you down) and Willow Tree ornaments. The Willow tree are all especially chosen to represent some aspect of my Angel of Friendship which is an angel with a puppy and I got that not long after I got my first ever doggy Dulcie.

5. I have had Chicken Pox more than once and no it wasn't shingles but the actual Pox. By my reckoning I've had it at least 5 times and possibly
7 in varying degrees. The latter times was just a few spots and didn't really affect me too much but earlier times I have had it very severely including in my throat. One time when I was working in a nursery I got it and couldn't sleep for several weeks! My mum had it when she was carrying me and we think that might be why I've had it so often.

6. I love Star Trek, not the original series so much but The Next Generation, Voyager, the recent films and Deep Space Nine and Enterprise occasionally! When I had depression and lived on my own the crew of the Enterprise was like being with family when mine was 400 miles away!

7. I love names and meanings and will find any excuse to put my head in a baby name book despite not having any babies of my own (apart from my pup and yes I did choose her name from a baby name book!)

Oh Gosh! now who shall I tag? Ummm

Sara from Gitzen Girl
The Polka Dot Closet
Jo of Tanglefrost
Karen from All About The Boys
Cassia  who's just announced she's having a baby! Congratulations Cassia!
Caroline from Chain of Daisies
Teri and Amber at Gemalicious Beads
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Right that's it! I will just have to notify these lovely people above now! a job that can wait til tomorrow


  1. Wow Teri, bless you making all these wonderful things with your eyesight problems. You are an inspiration. A trekie too haha, you would get on well with my husband he loves Star Trek.
    Thank you very much for tagging me but I have already done this one sweetie : ( see my blog post to find out a bit more about me

  2. Aww I always love finding out interesting things about my friends. Amazing to think that you are actually a Treckie! Thank you so much for tagging me!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Such a cool post. Really enjoyed reading every one! You know I've had chicken pox 2x ~ but 7 tops that. Thanks for the tag. xo


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