Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Hi welcome to week 3 of Treat Yourself Tuesday! On Saturday my friend Maria and I met up for a day of shopping for the first time (meeting up) in 5 years! It was a lovely day and we just fell into being together and chatting away. One of the things we looked at were rings (Rings are Maria's one weakness) so in honour of that this weeks theme is Rings and I will be choosing from the very large and lovely selection on Art Fire.

This weeks selection will cover some lovely items that would be affordable treats or gifts to some more expensive rings that are what we would like in our dreams! 

Talking of dreams our first ring is called Rainbow Dreams which I'm really identifying at present with my Rainbow themed shops and the fact that I have something to dream about right now (shhhh it's a secret)

This is by Glam Glass Gifts
This is a gorgeous lampwork ring by Lara Lutrick

I have seen these gorgeous buttons on Etsy and wandered what I could do with them so when I saw what Simply Stacy Jewelry Designs had done with it I had to include this ring in my post oh and it's on sale!

I do love this ring by Illuminating Designs by Connie very mediaeval and romantic!

 Now for something fun....

a pincushion ring! Very cute and useful too! This is by dottyral

and something very expensive for dreaming....

A Diamond and Ceylon Sapphire ring for a mere ...... £2121! oh and a few pence! And it has to be a sapphire! That's my birthstone. This is handmade by Laurie Sarah Designs
I hope you have enjoyed my choices! There are so many more I could have featured so I'll save them for another post! Don't forget to pop over to these sellers shops to see all the other stunning items they are selling and if you want to pop over to our shop too we'd love to see you there!


  1. lovely collection Teri x
    I love the lampwork ring by Lara Lutrick
    Maria x

  2. aww thank you Maria! It is a beautiful ring isn't it? xx

  3. THanks for including my lampwork glass ring.

  4. Thank you so much for including my dragonfly ring with your beautiful collection! :) I really appreciate it!



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